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Cloth Diapers Making A Comeback?

If you are a new parent, you are probably still discovering all the different ways in which the new entrant into your life makes you spend money; not least the amounts you spend on the copious numbers of disposable diapers soiled by baby. According to one estimate, the average parent spends as much as one […]

5 Tips In Choosing Toys For Toddlers

5 Tips In Choosing Toys For Toddlers

Parents who are new to having children should remember that the formative years of a child is the most important. When children are in their toddler years, their learning capability is amplified 100% given the fact that they learn something new every hour. Everything they see, touch, and hear is added to their experiences which […]

Tips To Help Your Baby Deal With Separation Anxiety

Tips To Help Your Baby Deal With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is something that happens in the normal course of development of most babies; even for healthy secure babies. While it is not an abnormal occurrence or something that has to be worried about, separation anxiety is quite stressful for a parent to witness, who may feel torn at having to leave the child […]


Vitamin K Shot – Necessary Or Unnecessary

Vitamin K is the element that the body needs for proper blood clotting. In humans, the bacteria lining the intestines produce Vitamin K. However, in the immature digestive tract of a newborn, this vitamin K producing flora is absent, which raises the risk of hemorrhagic disease in newborn infants. This is the reason that new […]

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Use Words With Your New Baby

The importance of talking to a baby is evidenced by the response of a baby himself: when you speak directly to the baby, you have his attention, he looks at you, chortles in response, he coos, he smiles with his whole body! And researches are telling us exactly why talking to baby (as against baby […]

Tips For Picking The Right Preschool

Tips For Picking The Right Preschool

It’s a big step: your child will be away from the safety of the home for the first time possibly, and you want that the experience should be as positive as possible for your toddler. You want to ensure that the preschool you pick for your little one is appropriate and that it is an […]

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Men And The Baby Blues

If a new dad is suffering the baby blues, we probably disbelieve or disparage of such a situation. And yet post natal depression is common among men as well as women. For every mother who undergoes the baby blues, there is one dad who does the same. Some estimates suggest that as many as 15% […]

Baby Carrier Or Sling - What Works Better?

Baby Carrier Or Sling – What Works Better?

If you are a busy parent who has to take a small baby everywhere with them, particularly has to travel by public transport, or go shopping or marketing with them, then a baby carrier or baby sling is a must! Also if going on a holiday, a carrier or a sling for baby is invaluable […]