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newborn sleep

Rocking A Newborn To Sleep – Good Idea Or Bad?

It is an interesting question and one that gets asked all the time, but parents desperate to get their newborn babies to sleep – is it a good idea to rock baby to sleep or to stop them crying? Will it spoil them, will they get used to it, and will it become difficult for […]

cabinet safety slide

Childproofing Your Home Office

Child proofing or baby proofing your home is primarily for the safety of your baby but it can also help to prevent damage and accidents being caused to your home appliances (think fridge left open for hours and the spoilage that can result, for instance). This is particularly important for those stay at home parents […]

becoming a parent

Parenting Can Be Messy – Relax

Parenting can be overwhelming for so many different reasons and it is necessary for parents to just relax a bit.  Becoming a parent is supposed to offer untold joy, happiness and fulfillment but parenting can also be messy and really grim. Parenthood can swamp you in feelings of responsibility and you may well want to […]

infant sleeping

Infants Can Learn Even While Asleep

Unlike adults, the brain of an infant acts like a sponge that will take in everything at every opportunity it may have for learning, even while sleeping! This was proven when a researcher from the University of Florida conducted a study on infants to identify those that may be at risk to have developmental disorders […]

How To Protect Your Child From Newborn Baby Diapers Rash?

How To Protect Your Child From Newborn Baby Diapers Rash?

How many times do you have to wake up at night to change the newborn baby diapers? And how many times are you awakened by your baby’s cry when he feels uncomfortable with his newborn baby diapers. When your baby is having a discomfort with his diapers, it causes a lot of distress to both […]

circumcision method

Circumcision Methods And Post Circumcision Care – Some Guidelines

Having taken a decision for circumcision of a baby – whether based on religious considerations or tradition – or based on medical considerations – parents need to ensure that the procedure is performed in as safe and medically sound way as possible. This not only reduces the chance of an accident (accidentally snipping off more […]

milk powder controversy

The Milk Powder Controversy

Though the authorities are busy issuing clarification upon clarification, parents are concerned about the latest Chinese milk powder controversy; about newborn babies in China growing breasts from drinking milk powder that was adulterated with hormones. The growth hormone and the hormones to assist in milk production that cows and other dairy cattle are routinely injected […]

neonatal circumcision

Benefits And Risks Of Neonatal Circumcision

Male circumcision has been a customary practice in ancient history depicting cleanliness of a group of people and as part of rituals and ceremonies, religious affiliations and culture. Most circumcisions are commonly performed during adolescence to take part of the rituals of manhood, but doing it right after birth became popular in practice. There is […]