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sleep positioner

Warning Against Sleep Positioners

Sleep positioners that are supposed to help babies sleep soundly and safely, may actually be dangerous to babies, officials have warned. According to a joint statement issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Inez Tenenbaum and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), deaths and dangerous situations arising from use of infant sleep […]

baby diaper

How Often You Need To Change Baby’s Diaper?

There are several reasons why a baby’s diaper should be regularly changed – reasons of hygiene, the physical comfort of your baby, to avoid a diaper rash and other skin irritations and to have a comfortable, sweet smelling and happy baby. So how often do you need to change your baby’s diaper? The rule of […]

Watch Out For The 5 Most Common Teething Symptoms

Watch Out For The 5 Most Common Teething Symptoms

You wonder when your baby becomes irritable and his appetite for food decreases. This brings a struggle to an infant. While other babies go through this stage smoothly, some may experience changes in daily routines since it brings stress to the baby. Teething symptoms usually occur during six months to one year of age. It […]

premature baby

Newborn Insulated In A Plastic Sandwich Bag

In an amazing story from a 14 week premature baby being born and surviving at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital and that too with the help of a plastic sandwich bag! Lexi Lacey was born 14 weeks early weighing just 14 ounces (396 grams) after her mother was rushed to hospital with extreme stomach pains fearing […]

natural baby care

6 Great Tips For Natural Baby Care

Pollution is all around us. There are chemicals in the soil, in plants, in manmade products; you name it! Keeping your child protected from harmful chemicals and giving them a natural start in life can be a challenge but here are some tips to help: 1. Use organic clothing, and bedding for your baby Non […]

similac recall

Recall Of Baby Formula For Possible Contamination

Many parents of newborns have, by now heard of the voluntary recall of Similac, infant formula and if you are wondering what to do about it, here is some information – There has been a recall of certain Similac products since there is the apprehension that beetles and their larvae could have infected the products […]

baby care center

7 Things To Watch Out For When Choosing A Day Care Center

When choosing a day care center for your child, look for the following things: The right care-giver child ratio – when it’s newborns up to one year of age, the ratio should ideally be 3:1 with a maximum group size of 6. And up to age three, this ratio should not exceed 5:1. Look for […]


New Trends Among Newborns

Parents of newborn baby boys are always posed the question – to circumcise or not to circumcise. Circumcision, which is the removal of the penile foreskin in male infants, is still a subject that draws debate from the medical community, and now the Center of Disease Control (CDC) has released data that shows rates of […]