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5 Effective Ways To Avoid Toddler Vomiting

5 Effective Ways To Avoid Toddler Vomiting

Infant or toddler vomiting also known as reflux sometimes makes parents worry especially for those who have their first babies. Toddler vomiting, however, is a normal pattern of life and would usually occur without anything to cause alarm. There might be some serious instances that toddler vomiting should be taken into consideration. If toddler vomiting […]

childhood obesity

A New Reason To Protect Your Child From Catching Cold

A strain of virus that causes the common cold in childhood may be responsible for not just the sniffles but may also be implicated in contributing to childhood obesity, according to new research. Researchers have found that children who were infected by a strain of virus called the Adenovirus 36 which results in common cold […]

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Angry Moms Lash Out At P & G’s New Dry Max Diapers

A few months ago a mom from Belleville, Ontario started a blog accusing Procter & Gamble’s new dry max diaper to cause skin rashes and chemical burns. Sara Ann Fobear, started a blog on her facebook where she wrote: “RECALL PAMPERS DRY MAX DIAPERS!” “U think when you buy the best diapers…Pampers…that your baby is […]

vitamin dependency

Can Vitamin Supplements Cause Vitamin Dependency?

There is one view that a newborn baby’s vitamin supplement should be stopped after 3 months of age, since this could be responsible for vitamin dependency. However, can supplements really cause vitamin dependency? Vitamins are vital for a number of reasons and children with vitamin deficiencies and certain diseases require supplements regularly since their bodies […]

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Newborn Baby Expenses – What You Should Be Prepared For

Expectant parents have probably heard what a drain on financial resources a new baby can be. There will be the usual (such as clothes, setting up the nursery etc) as well as some unforeseen expenses; it is best to beware of them and prepare yourself: Diapers: This one’s easy; little babies do soil lot of […]

Things Parents Should Do For Infant Development

Things Parents Should Do For Infant Development

Infant development is one of the stages in a baby’s life that should be of much importance to parents. As a newborn baby, their changes and development are accelerated at astounding speed that the child picks up just about anything at anytime. Consider the facts that once the baby comes out of the mother’s womb […]

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How To Manage Your Time With A Baby?

“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson And so true it is. With unbridled joy, a baby also brings with it exceedingly tedious time ahead for the new parent. It takes days, weeks and even months to adjust to the unique timings […]

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30 Cute Baby Pics that Will Make You Smile

Babies bring some of the most magical moments in our lives. Here are 30 cute baby pics sure to bring you a smile on your lips, heart & soul.