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schedule for newborn baby

Scheduling Your Baby – Why It’s Not Such A Great Idea

All the ‘how to’ new born baby books offer you tips about how to help your baby settle down to a routine, how to schedule feedings, night time sleeps, naps, bathing, etc.; since the sooner the baby ‘settles down’ the better it is for the baby as well as the parents. And yet when you […]

newborn clothing

Practical Tips for Buying Newborn Clothing

Speaking about a newly unveiled line of baby clothing, this article speaks about what makes baby clothing practical, saving new parents some time, energy and money as well. Here is what you should be looking for when you go clothes shopping for your newborn baby: Look for clothes that look good of course, but which […]

baby free travel

Baby Born Onboard Airplane to Fly Free for Life

Little William may not know how lucky he is yet, but the accident of his birth has ensured that he will get to fly free on board Air Inuit for life! Louisa Pilurtuut from Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec, 18 years of age, was expecting her first baby Dec 23. But baby had other plans and she went […]

newborn rash

Deal With Newborn Rash Fast With These Home Remedies

A newborn rash is very easy to take care of with some simple home remedies. Common symptoms of a newborn rash include drooling rashes, acne, flaking skin, diaper rash, and dry skin as a result of an allergy. There are a variety of home remedies you can use to alleviate newborn rash. Luckily you don’t […]

ear infections

Antibiotics For Ear Infections? Not Such A Great Idea, Says Study

Recent medical studies indicate that prescribing antibiotics right away, for children’s middle ear infections may not be advisable, since benefits may be modest and the antibiotics may in fact have some negative side effects. Dr. Tumaini Coker and colleagues from Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA and the RAND Corporation examined data collected from 135 clinical trials […]

convertible cot for newborn

Tips to Buy A Convertible Cot For Your Newborn

If there is one kind of baby bed that makes the most practical sense to buy for a new born baby, it would have to be the convertible cot or convertible crib. A bassinet can be quite futile since a baby will outgrow it in a few months, a regular crib is something that will […]

dads present at birth

Survey Says 9 Out Of 10 Dads Present At Birth

A recent study of 5,300 recent mothers by Oxford University found that 9 out of 10 dads are present at birth of their new born. The survey found that not only do a great majority of dads choose to be present at the time of birth, many of them also try and get more information […]

teething signs

5 Teething Signs Every Parent Must Know

The period when teething signs begin to show, are a significant part in the lives of both the parent and the child. However, it can also be quite frustrating to both, because although your baby begins teething, you may not recognize this and therefore can’t understand the reason behind some of your baby’s actions. Teething […]