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baby play

The Many Reasons Why Babies Should Play

Play is vital for a baby’s development and learning; and we are only now realizing why and how vital it is. When a six month old reaches for an object, looks at it and plays with it by transferring it from one to another hand, putting it in the mouth and so on, this is […]

potty training

Potty Training –2 Frequently Asked Questions

Potty training at times can be a daunting task. Here are some frequently asked questions about potty training a child – 1. No matter how hard I try, baby won’t use the potty. A. Stop trying. Children can sense our desperation when we keep telling them to ‘go’. So put away the potty for a […]

elective early delivery

Too Many Babies Being Born Early for No Good Reason

Elective early deliveries that involve induction of labor or scheduled C sections that are performed for no medical reason constitute some 40% of deliveries in the United States. The WSJ article speaks of a report put out by Leapfrog, a health benefit coalition that indentified the problem of unnecessary early deliveries. Unless there is a […]

lack of sunshine

Lack of Sunshine Dangerous for Babies and Mothers

Lack of sun exposure in a baby and consequently Vitamin D deficiencies can have serious consequences for infants, it has been noted in a new study conducted by pediatricians of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Vitamin D deficiency in infants and their mothers can have serious consequences such as bone malformations/deformities, poor growth […]

hold newborn baby

How to Hold Your Newborn Baby?

For new parents who have perhaps never before held a newborn baby before their very own little bundle of joy arrived, holding that tiny, defenseless, dependent little scrap can be terrifying! Where and how to grip baby in a way that is gentle enough not to hurt, and at the same time firm enough not […]

intestinal obstruction

Intestinal Obstruction in Newborns – Symptoms and Causes

There could be many reasons for a newborn baby having an intestinal obstruction – it could be the failure to pass meconium, a malformation of the intestine walls, or a condition called atresia, where the small intestine is separated into sections. Older babies could have intestinal obstruction due to inflammation in the intestines, inguinal hernia, […]


An Argument Against Giving Infants Antibiotics

Though it may seem to parents that their doctor should be prescribing antibiotics to their sick child, by not prescribing antibiotics, the doctor may actually be doing your little one a favor that could impact future health and immunity. In recent times, much research has been done on the long term impact of giving antibiotics […]

baby cry

Reasons Why Babies Cry – Part 2

In the last post, we discussed the many reasons why babies cry; here are some more of them – 1. Baby may need to burp, or burp again. Not being burped properly may make baby uncomfortable. 2. The baby may feel too hot or too cold, and may protest by crying. Rule of thumb for […]