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baby massage

Practical Tips for Newborn Baby Massage

Massaging a baby is highly favored in traditional societies as being very good for baby’s health and immunity, an aid to help baby sleep better and an excellent method of bonding for mother and child. Here are some practical tips for baby massage – Make sure that your hands are warm before you start, to […]

first days of newborn

Your Newborn at Home – What You Can Expect

It can be magical, but it can be bewildering and frighteningly new as well – so what can you expect now that you have this brand new individual in your life to care for? Here is what to expect in the first few days of a new born at home. Day 1 – The baby […]

crib recall

Drop side Crib Recall Causes Alarm Among Parents

New parents or seasoned moms and dads, when it comes to safety of kids, there can be no compromises. So the recent recall of drop side cribs is bound to cause consternation.  As many as three recalls of baby cribs have recently been in the news. First it was 300 recalled drop-sided cribs from Rosebud. […]


How a Midwife Can be a Friend, Guide and Care Giver?

A moving and deeply personal story by Huffington Post’s Nancy Cronk offers a firsthand account of the importance of having a midwife in charge of a pregnancy and birth – Unlike obstetricians, midwives are traditionally more involved in pregnancy and the subsequent birth, spending more time with the mother-to-be. Allaying apprehensions and fears that a […]

developmental toys for babies

Developmental Toys Your Baby Could Benefit From – 6 to 24 months

By six months a baby will have learnt so many different skills and will be so much more able and independent than when he or she was born, that each day may bring a surprise for the parents. This is fun age, when baby loves to play with others as well as by himself or […]

homemade baby food

Tips to Make Baby Food at Home

With various concerns about prepackaged baby food – such as artificial flavors, additives and preservatives and even apprehension that certain cereals could lead to obesity, making baby food at home could be a great and economical option. Steam and puree veggies as baby food – There is no reason why flavorings such as sugar and […]

developmental toys

Developmental Toys Your Baby Could Benefit from – Birth to 6 Months

Most parents want to know what is an age appropriate toy or toys for their baby to use at different ages and the different stages of development. Parents may often be disappointed that an expensive, seemingly interesting toy that they got for baby seeks to evoke no interest, whereas common household objects seem to get […]


Give a Healthy Start in Life to Your New Born – Use Mouthwash While Pregnant

An unlikely seeming link has come to light – between use of mouthwash and lowering risk of preterm births. The study, led by Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat, a professor of periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania has found. Preterm birth can predispose a new born baby to complications and a stay in the neonatal intensive care […]