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alanis morissette

Alanis Morissette Shows off Her Newborn on Facebook, You Could Too!

Alanis Morissette delivered a baby boy six weeks ago and decided to share her happiness with her fans on Facebook and Twitter. The Jagged Little Pill singer and husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway who had a baby boy, named him Imre Ever on Christmas Day, posted baby pictures of the family on Facebook and Twitter. The […]

toddlers junk food

Junk Food Can Lower Toddler IQ

We know of all the many reasons why junk food is no good for kids and that it is important for kids to make a healthy start in life, in terms of what they eat, because it can have far reaching consequences. Apparently it isn’t just the physical health but also mental ability that may […]


Unusual Baby Name Ideas

A severe tropical cyclone called Cyclone Yasi had hit northern Queensland in Australia just a few days ago, causing considerable destruction and damage. And one Australian couple decided to use the name of the cyclone in an unusual manner – born to Terri-lee Levi and partner Michael Blackley, a baby girl was named Yasi after […]

baby teething

5 Teething Myths Busted

There is a lot of advice and old wives tales that go hand in hand with baby’s teething process; and a lot of symptoms that baby may show incidentally, or coincidentally are attributed to teething. While some symptoms may actually be connected to teething, equally there are a lot of teething myths floating around that […]

rice cereals

Rice Cereals Responsible for Overweight Babies, say Doctors

It could be the convenient thing to feed a baby when you first introduce solids but doctors are now voicing concerns about rice cereal, which is a staple for babies. The baby food which is thought to be suitable because it is easy for a baby’s immature digestive system to handle may be responsible for […]

baby buggy

Buggy Rides – Mothers Walk 639 Miles in the First Year!

A new British study has revealed that the new mom may be walking for an average of 639 miles in that first one year after the birth of her baby. In a bid to get the little one to nod off to sleep, mothers may take the baby out in the buggy as many as […]

giant baby

‘Giant Babies’ and Factors that Influence Them

Every now and again we hear news stories such as the recent one about a baby boy being born in the Russian town of Khabarovsk – the boy born last week to a 33 year old woman weighed 7.2 kg, which classifies him as a ‘Giant Baby’. The average weight of a baby at birth […]