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Scientology and Newborn Babies

Scientology and Newborn Babies

Scientology as a religious belief has always inspired a lot of public interest due to many celebrities who have espoused its beliefs – most famously Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes believe in scientology and entertainers such as John Travolta, Chick Corea and Kristie Alley also espouse scientology beliefs. When it comes to newborn babies, scientology […]

Baby is Ready for Solids

Signs That Tell the Baby is Ready for Solids

While it is now pretty well established that all that a baby really needs to have for the first six months of life is breast milk, each baby may differ in terms of when they need to start solids, which could be earlier or later than that age. There is no single ideal age, so […]

rash in baby

Pointers for Identifying a Rash in Baby

When one thinks of a rash in baby, the most likely thought to pop into the mind is diaper rash. However there are so many different kinds of rash that may be noted. While any rash in baby could be worrisome for a new parent, many will resolve by themselves in time, there are some […]

Baby Food

Tips to Reduce the Sugar Intake for the Baby

Even if you are a new mommy and you cannot escape the tendency of spoiling your child, offering them the things you think they will like the most is not a good idea. The experts advise you to limit the sugar and the sweets. The babies love the sweet taste and if they grow accustomed […]

New Born Communication

The Mystery of the Newborn Communication

Every mom would want from the very deep of her heart to understand how her baby feels before it starts talking. However, the way baby communicates is a completely different language. The good news is that there are signs which can be recognized and interpreted helping you to understand the little one. When the baby […]

Baby Pillows

Does Your Baby Need a Pillow? When Does a Child Need a Pillow?

You probably got it as a baby shower gift or had a personalized one presented to you at the birth of your baby; but the real question is: do babies need any kind of pillow at all? The fact is that babies do not need any kind of pillow or head cushioning device. In fact […]

Bonding with Your Newborn

Bonding with Your Newborn Enhances Future Communication Skills

In case you are a mommy to be, here is more information about the bond between you and your baby in his first days after the birth. Immediately after the birth, begins an important period for the mother and the newborn. Nature has pledged to create it as an unbreakable connection that would allow attachment […]

Hispanic Baby Care

Good to Know Hispanic Baby Care Traditions

Each culture has its own quaint ways to take care of its new born. Some of these may seem a little outdated and can prove to be harmless customs. There are quite a few which are still relevant and make sense in the modern world too. The Hispanic tradition has a fair share of these […]