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things your child must know before kindergarten

The Most Essential Things your Child must Know Before Kindergarten

Before your child joins a kindergarten, he/she must know a few things in order to adapt to what is taught.  Ofcourse, the child could be admitted to a pre-kindergarten before but even if you choose to admit the child straight into kindergarten, he/she must have basic understanding of certain things and should be able to […]

baby proof your car

Keep Babies Out of Danger: Baby Proof your Car!

Most parents with babies, baby-proof their homes but tend to overlook their vehicles or cars. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in the car as well and this is why, it is important to baby proof it as well. The good news is that baby proofing the car is relatively simpler than […]

naming your baby according to feng shui

Tips for Naming your Baby According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese custom which is supposed to create good energy in human lives. Therefore, if you name your baby according to Feng Shui, it will ensure the baby some positive energy right after its birth. It is a difficult task to select a name for the baby and if you consider […]

gifting ideas and tips for children with ADHD

Best Gifting Ideas and Tips for Children with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a neuro development psychiatric disorder which can lead to hyperactivity, impulsiveness and deficit in attention. Children suffering from ADHD must be dealt with a lot of care. If you know someone with this condition and are interested in buying a gift for the child, then you must know […]

things to keep in mind while cutting baby’s nails

Top Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Baby’s Nails

Cutting your baby’s nails may seem to be one of the most daunting tasks, not just for first time parents but also for those who have done this plenty of times.  Not only does this seem like torturing the baby but also involves a lot of risk of chipping off baby’s skin with the nail […]

calm down a hyperactive baby

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Baby

Having a hyperactive toddler or baby can be a little too daunting for parents and others. There are many reasons why a baby could be hyperactive and some of them include-being tired, need for attention or diet.  While hyperactive babies look cute and adorable for a little while, soon they can be difficult to handle […]

gifting ideas for second baby

Top Gifting Ideas for Second Baby

Childbirth is a special occasion, an occasion when the mother and the newly born are showered with love in the form of gifts. While you may find several things to gift to a first time mom and her baby, deciding on what to gift to the second baby can be really tough. Since most parents […]

tips to buy baby furniture online

Top Tips to Buy Baby Furniture Online

With advancements in the internet technology and the popularity of online shopping, it is no surprise that most people buy maximum of their things over the web. From movie tickets to flight tickets and from groceries to baby furniture, you can buy almost everything you need online. If you are someone who is interested in […]