Figuring Out Baby Gibberish

The pre language sounds that a baby makes are both delightful and mystifying.

Delightful because they are nonsensical noises being made by your very own baby and mystifying because it all sounds like gibberish and you cannot make head or tail of it! So what does all that babbling and cooing and other gibberish from baby mean?

For one it is reassurance to the parents that baby is progressing.

It is a sign that baby is testing out his/her vocal chords and experimenting with new sounds and noises.

Baby gibberish gives you a good idea about a baby’s speech milestones and that everything is progressing satisfactorily.

For another it is a very real form of communication. If a parent pays careful attention you can see patterns or rhythms in the cadences or the utterances of the baby and it may be possible to actually interpret what a baby is trying to convey.

For instance certain sounds may be associated with excitement and joy. For instance, a favorite toy or a favorite food may cause similar reactions or welcoming sounds each time.

The baby is likely to make certain specific sounds when he or she wants your attention or wants something else such as a favorite person or toy.

And even if you cannot make head or tail of the marvelous gibberish, just enjoy it!

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  1. lizy says:

    Beautiful baby in the picture

  2. play yard pens says:

    In nursing we also learned that it is very important to make those funny and cute sounds back to your baby. It helps your baby to recognize the sounds they are making.

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