Great Ideas For Baby Shower Games To Make The Shower More Enjoyable!

baby shower gamesSo, finally you are going to hold a baby shower. Baby shower is the best time to pamper the mom-to-be and make her feel very special.

To make the party more memorable, everything should be planned carefully.

Among those things, choosing the baby shower games is the most difficult task, because there are several games where your guests will lose interest easily.

So, picking the right baby shower games is the most essential factor. There are different types of games like: fun games, challenging games and ice breakers.

Here are some of the baby shower games which give great entertainment for your guests:

Fun baby shower games:

Baby sketch game:

In this game, give each guest a pen and paper. Tell them to draw the picture of a baby, but rather than gripping the paper on their laps, they need to put it on their heads.

In order to make drawing easy, keep a magazine or paper plate under the paper. Among those drawings, choose the one that you like most or resembles the baby.

Guessing the baby food:

Prepare the baby food and place each item in food jars. Then remove the food labels of each jar after assigning it to the guests. Keep with you the list of food items that each jar contains.

Tell each participant in the game to taste the food and write down all the contents in the food. Allow everyone to write down the number of the jar and what exactly it contains. Gift the one who writes the details correctly.

Passing the parcel:

Pack a small gift by using several layers of paper. Pack each layer with tape. The number of layers should be equal to the number of guests participating in the game.

Allow all the participants to sit in a circle. Start the music, when the music starts tell the participants to pass the gift parcel round from one person to another. When the music stops, tell the participant to remove as many layers as she can until the music starts.

Allow each person who receives the parcel to do like this. Finally, the one who removes the last layer will win the gift.

Challenging baby shower games:

Baby items in the bag:

Put 15-20 items of baby like teething ring, diaper, bib, pacifier, bottle, rattle, etc in a bag. Give the bag to each participant in the game and allow them to observe all the things in the bag for 2 minutes. Pass the bag to all the participants.

At last, give them 2 minutes time and allow them to write all the items that they observed in the bag. The one who writes all the items correctly will win the gift.

Baby scrabble:

Take a paper and write a phrase on it like: “Sarah, pregnancy is almost over, she is near to the big day” or “Awhew is ready to deliver the baby”.

Tell the participants in the game to write as many baby related words from the phrase as they can. Finally tell each one to read their list and the one who writes most of the words is declared as winner.

Ice breakers:

Guess the picture game:

Before starting the shower, tell the guests to draw a picture of themselves as a baby on a piece of paper. When the guests arrive to the shower, collect the paper from each guest and number it. Make a list so that you can remember which photograph belongs to which person.

Then distribute the papers to all the participants in the shower and tell them to name the photograph that belongs to the specified person. Tell them to write the name of the person next to the number. Then gift the one who guesses correctly.

Don’t speak baby:

When the guests enter into the room, give them a ribbon and pin and ask them to pin it on their shirt. Tell the participants in the game to not speak the word “baby” for the specific time in the shower.

When anybody accidentally speaks out the word baby and any guest who catches the person saying it can take out the ribbon and pin of that person. The one who gets more pins at the end of the game wins the prize.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Wrap a gift and set it into view. Tell your guests that as you read the
    verses, if it describes them, they are to be the first to grab the gift.
    There may be 1 or many who go for the gift but whoever grabs it first
    returns to their seat and sets the gift on the table in front of them, if they
    are seated at tables, or in their lap if they are not. Then you continue
    on to the next verse. The person who loses the gift, is still in the game
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    The news is out, quick send a cable. The gift starts with the lady at the

    If someone wears clothing with the color of blue, be ready because
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    I’ll give you a chance and want to be fair, hurry for the gift if you have
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    We hope everyone playing will be a good sport, you can have the gift
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    We’re getting tricky, here’s a real humdinger! take the gift if you have
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    You’re all doing great! what a success, the gift can be yours if your
    not wearing a dress

    You won’t hold it long, the gift is not for you, but now it goes to the
    lady with not one child but two

    Don’t despair cause here’s the next clue, the gift is yours if your
    wearing a toeless shoe

    With each pass of the gift we are having a ball, the gift is now going to
    you if your over 60 inches tall

    We hope you’re all having fun, we tried to include everyone. Its your
    chance to have it if your the mother of a son

    From one lady to the next, you have the gift and then it’s gone, but the
    gift is yours if you have earrings on

    There won’t be time to practice, there won’t be time to rehearse, you are
    the lucky lady if you brought a colorful purse

    Everyone is watching as the gift swiftly passes, but this is your turn to
    get it if you are wearing glasses

    We’re ending this game and the gift passing like hopscotch, you could be
    the winner if your wearing a wristwatch.

    This game is over and now we are thru, kindly hand off the gift to the
    person who is setting left of you

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