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gripe water know the pros and cons

Gripe Water – Know the Pros and Cons

Gripe water is a kind of product that helps infants to get relief from colic and other gastric problems. It is highly recommended by practitioners and pediatricians and is easily available in various dietary supplement forms and at all pharmacies. Gripe water constitute ingredients such as ginger, fennel, dill, fructose, cardamom, peppermint and cinnamon. Below […]

must haves for your baby’s medicine cabinet

7 Must Haves for your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

When the baby arrives, a gamut of things tend to take up place in your house. From baby furniture to toys and from baby cabinets to medicine cabinets, you may need to have everything in place to ensure a smooth time for you and your little one. It is very important to have the adequate […]

things to keep in mind while cutting baby’s nails

Top Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Baby’s Nails

Cutting your baby’s nails may seem to be one of the most daunting tasks, not just for first time parents but also for those who have done this plenty of times.  Not only does this seem like torturing the baby but also involves a lot of risk of chipping off baby’s skin with the nail […]

tips and suggestions to baby proof your home

Top Tips and Suggestions to Baby Proof your Home

When a baby arrives in your life and in your home, there are many changes that you will need to bring to both. The arrival of the little one not only changes your life, your schedule, your choices and preferences but also calls for changes in your living space. You will need to baby proof […]

guidebook for the new dads

Guidebook for the New Dads – How to Take Care of the Little One?

Congratulations on parenthood! Now when you are a dad, try not to dump your wife with all the responsibilities of the child, instead take up initiatives to build up a lovely father –child bonding during the initial days by fulfilling the easy tasks that you actually can. Your life must have already changed a lot […]

take care of your overweight baby

How to Take Care of your Overweight Baby

Obesity or being overweight is bad, not only for adults but also for babies. An overweight baby might grow up into an overweight or obese adult with many health complications like diabetes and/ or heart disease or high blood pressure. Therefore you should make sure that if your baby is overweight, you should take care […]

tend a premature infant

Tips to Tend a Premature Infant

Now that your beloved infant is finally home from NICU, it’s time for you to take the motherly position of taking care of him from every aspect- feeding him, bathing him, lulling him to sleep. This would have been perfectly normal unless you are gifted with a premature baby who requires additional caution in each […]

ways of cleaning an infant’s mouth

Effective Ways of Cleaning an Infant’s Mouth

Normally people think that it is important to clean the mouth of infant only after tooth appears. However, this is not true. Right from the beginning of the birth, it is essential to clean their mouth. The infants usually intake milk and this would sometimes get stuck to their gums. If not cleaned it time, […]