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tend a premature infant

Tips to Tend a Premature Infant

Now that your beloved infant is finally home from NICU, it’s time for you to take the motherly position of taking care of him from every aspect- feeding him, bathing him, lulling him to sleep. This would have been perfectly normal unless you are gifted with a premature baby who requires additional caution in each […]

ways of cleaning an infant’s mouth

Effective Ways of Cleaning an Infant’s Mouth

Normally people think that it is important to clean the mouth of infant only after tooth appears. However, this is not true. Right from the beginning of the birth, it is essential to clean their mouth. The infants usually intake milk and this would sometimes get stuck to their gums. If not cleaned it time, […]

infant Constipation

Deal With Constipation In Infants With Homely Methods

It can be very frustrating when your baby is constipated as it can be difficult to soothe them. Constipation in infants is usually caused due to problems in their diet, dehydration, problems in the formula preparation, allergies and other reasons. Sometimes it’s not only the frequency of their poops but also the consistency of their […]

baby poop

Guide to Baby Poop and Pooping Habits

The period in which you are pregnant comes with many body changes and surprises in store, but this is nothing as compared to the surprises the birth of the baby can throw at you. Raising a baby is no piece of cake and requires you to be careful and attentive about your baby’s needs, his/her […]

baby burping

Top 4 Ways to Provide Gas Relief to your Baby

A baby’s stomach is a sensitive area where problems can develop very easily and this can cause issues in digestion. Due to the varying eating habits, growth spurts and other growing up changes, babies may experience digestive system problems on a regular basis.  One of these issues is gas problem.  Developing of gas in the […]

Baby Jaundice

Home Remedies for Baby Jaundice

Jaundice is a common and non-threatening disease which is faced by more than half full term born babies. Jaundice occurs on account of poor functioning of the liver wherein bilirubin level of the new born baby is very high. Babies do not have fully developed liver and therefore are unable to flush out the excess bilirubin from the […]

Baby Rash on Face

Home Remedies for Baby Rash on Face

In case you are interested in the home remedies for baby rash on face you should know that the skin of a newborn is very sensitive. The immune system of babies is still quite weak so irritants have a higher effect on them than on adults. The good news is that rashes disappear quite fast. Healing ointment First you need some healing […]

Childcare Books

Top All-Time Favorite Childcare Books

Parenting a newborn can be quite a challenge especially for first timers. If you disclose your ignorance then you have many free advises coming your way and feigning them would be of no help. The best way of this predicament is to then follow a good book. Here are 5 baby care books which have served as a guide […]