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ways to stimulate your baby’s senses

5 Best Ways to Stimulate your Baby’s Senses

It is a fact that infants or babies perceive things differently than adults and for the first few months after birth, they cannot see all colors and their sense of hearing or touching may not be fully developed.  But there are many ways to stimulate and boost the senses of your baby so that he/she […]

mistakes which new parents should avoid making

Most Common Mistakes which New Parents should Avoid Making

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that parenting is one of the toughest jobs or duties in the world and it is not uncommon for new parents to make some parenting mistakes. The first few months after the baby’s birth are full of goof ups, stupid mistakes, errors and huge blunders. But if […]

monitoring your infant’s progress till 12 months

Monitoring your Infant’s Progress Till 12 Months

The first year of your baby’s life are filled with amazing and exciting phases and changes. From the first time the baby smiles to the first time he speaks, noting the changes and monitoring them can be very exciting for the parents. Infact, it is important that parents of new born babies monitor the growth, […]

steps to handle your boy

5 Steps to Handle Your Boy

Your kid is gradually growing up and so is your aggravation at the troubles with culminates almost everyday. Unless you have a brother, or already a mother of another son, handling a boy and raising him up to be a well-groomed and chivalrous gentleman may seem to be a vision impossible to be achieved. Boys […]

techniques to improve a child’s concentration

5 Simple Activities and Techniques to Improve A Child’s Concentration

Right from the very beginning, it is important to engage your child in those activities which can help him build his concentration and focus better. There are some children who may experience lack of focus and attentiveness and this may hinder their learning process and effect their school or academic performance. In such a scenario, […]

baby activities1

Top 4 Activities for the Development of Your Infant

For the development of various aspects of your child there are several scientifically proven activities. These activities ensure overall development of infants aging from few days to months. The activities are easy to carry out and can be exercised as a part of the daily routine.   These activities increase the growth rate and also […]

Infant Growth Spurts

Ways to Recognize and Deal With Infant Growth Spurts

Has your little one been clamoring for more food lately? Well he/she may be going through a phase called the growth spurt.  Growth spurts in babies can occur quite frequently and the first one generally comes within the first year of his birth. During this period, he may begin to crave for food every hour […]

Physical Stages of Infant

Monitoring Physical Stages of Infant Development

In case you are thinking about the physical stages of infant development you should know that when the babies are born they aren’t able to control the majority of their movements. Another thing to consider is that the babies don’t develop with the same speed. Nonetheless they have to get past through the same milestones. 0-3 months During this […]