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Infant Growth Spurts

Ways to Recognize and Deal With Infant Growth Spurts

Has your little one been clamoring for more food lately? Well he/she may be going through a phase called the growth spurt.  Growth spurts in babies can occur quite frequently and the first one generally comes within the first year of his birth. During this period, he may begin to crave for food every hour […]

Physical Stages of Infant

Monitoring Physical Stages of Infant Development

In case you are thinking about the physical stages of infant development you should know that when the babies are born they aren’t able to control the majority of their movements. Another thing to consider is that the babies don’t develop with the same speed. Nonetheless they have to get past through the same milestones. 0-3 months During this […]

Weight Chart by Week

Using Baby Weight Chart by Week

It is just natural that while the baby is still inside, you want to know how he or she is doing. If you take a look at the baby weight chart week by week you might get scared of how small the baby is at the beginning of the pregnancy and how much it grows until the end of it. Week 8 Believe […]

Baby Development

First Year and Baby Development Milestones

The majority of the new parents are interested in the baby development milestones so that they will know what they can expect from the baby. The truth is that every baby develops at its own pace and sooner or later you will see all the milestones. The milestones of baby development in month one During this month the baby is […]

Teething in Infants – What to Expect?

Teething in Infants – What to Expect?

It seems to be easy to be an infant but we also have to consider that there are some downsides as well. One of the biggest problems that the little ones have to face is teething in infants. The once relaxed baby becomes fussy, whiny, and he or she refuses to sleep and to eat. Information […]

How a Junior ISA Can Support Your Child’s Education

If you think back to your own childhood, what you were going to be when you grew up depended on you, your own ambitions and passions and dreams for the future. Whether you could actually achieve your goals was reliant on your enthusiasm and ability, but the cost of the education required to attain the level success you sought was, in the most part, […]

Importance of Understanding the Developmental Milestones for Babies

Importance of Understanding the Developmental Milestones for Babies

It is important for parents to understand the developmental milestones for babies with them transforming before your very eyes. Within a period of 12 months, your baby will transform from being a highly fragile and tiny lump of flesh and bones to a strong and capable toddler. Well, all babies are not the same and there are certain common […]

Different Stages of Baby Brain Development

Different Stages of Baby Brain Development

Baby brain development takes place in different stages. In the initial period, they are totally dependent on their mother for taking care of them for different things like dressing, feeding, cleaning, teaching and loving. At birth, the baby can see, hear, taste, smell and see. Most of their organs are developed except the brain. When they are young, brain […]