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banned baby names around the world

Top 7 Banned Baby Names Around the World

Naming your baby is perhaps the most beautiful and fun thing in the world. You get to decide the identity of a person with which he or she is destined to be called throughout lifetime that is a lot of responsibility and just cannot be done carelessly. The task gets tougher when you come across […]

problems in keeping unique and rare baby names

6 Problems in Keeping Unique and Rare Baby Names

Well when it comes to picking up a name for your baby, everyone wants to come up with a unique and rare name which doesn’t become too common and is different from the rest. While this is a smart idea but keeping unique baby names comes with a number of problems of its own. So […]

naming your baby according to feng shui

Tips for Naming your Baby According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese custom which is supposed to create good energy in human lives. Therefore, if you name your baby according to Feng Shui, it will ensure the baby some positive energy right after its birth. It is a difficult task to select a name for the baby and if you consider […]

best apps for selecting baby names

The 7 Best Apps for Selecting Baby Names

Selecting a name for your new born baby may seem easier during the initial pregnancy days but as the time to actually name the baby comes near, the choice seems to get tougher and tougher. Coming up with a unique, nice, easy to pronounce and meaningful name can be very challenging especially if you are […]

keep in mind while selecting twin baby names

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Twin Baby Names

Choosing a baby’s name is an overwhelming responsibility and duty for every new parent and is at the same time a fun activity. A name becomes an identity and remains with an individual throughout his or her life and that what makes the task even more interesting. However, it becomes even more difficult when you […]

pros and cons of trendy baby names

The Various Pros and Cons of Trendy Baby Names

When a baby is conceived or born, not only the parents but also almost everyone is interested in keeping a suitable name for the baby. While some may prefer traditional and popular names, others may suggest trendy names which are offbeat and a slightly unheard of. Trendy baby names are truly in trend and everybody […]

useful steps towards deciding your baby’s name

10 Useful Steps Towards Deciding your Baby’s Name

Are you a new parent? Wrecking your brain to find a unique name for your baby? We understand that picking your baby’s name can be daunting more often than none. After all it is something that your bay will be identified as for as long as he/she lives. With recent incidents of unique baby names […]

Creating baby names from parents name

Reflection of Parents Name in Their Infants

Today, in the tech-savvy world, everything is planned. The present generation is very clear about their actions and family strategies. In a world so developed, couples want their baby to be healthy and be like them. The most alluring part is that couples decide their baby’s name before even he/she is born. There are also […]