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dos and don'ts for baby shower

Dos and Don’ts for Baby Shower – A List to Remember

While you are arranging a baby shower, you will need to be well balanced and have a strong set of activity to guide you through what will ideally be a memorable event for all! While there are no guidelines with regards to baby showers, here are some casual “Do’s and Don’ts” to remember while you […]

differences between a blessing way and baby shower

The Differences Between a Blessing Way and Baby Shower

There are many ways to celebrate the birth of a baby who is soon going to be born and different cultures use different methods to shower both the mother and baby with blessings and gifts.  Where in some countries and cultures, a baby shower is organized to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a […]

things to avoid on a baby shower

Things to Avoid on a Baby Shower: Faux Pas

You may look a lot forward to your baby shower but organizing one can be a very daunting affair, one which may lead you drained. There are many social blunders that can happen on a baby shower and thus one needs to be very carefully while planning one. There are many things that you must […]

Asparagus Rolls1

Best 5 Appetizing Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Baby showers are very special events as the close friends, family and relatives come to usher blessings and good wishes to the mother. Like any other party, this party too calls for a grand catering with delicacies and yummy treats to nibble on and take the complete fun of the games and party functions that […]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower is a very special occasion in the life of a mother to be. On this special occasion one should gift something that is unique and special to convey their blessings and good wishes. There are wide range of gifts that can be given on baby shower and one of the interesting gifting options can be something […]

Pumpkin cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas for a Girl

Baby Showers are increasingly becoming common and more popular than ever before! With the changing times, baby shower themes and ideas too have gone to a different level of creativity and fun. These days, people prefer opting for cupcakes rather than cakes mainly due to the fact that cupcakes come in many interesting designs, themes and colors, and they […]

Baby Shower Party Planning Tips

Baby Shower Party Planning Tips

There is nothing nicer than a baby shower. If you get to organize one you may be interested in some baby shower party planning tips to make sure that everything will go smoothly and that the mother-to-be will have a blast. The Theme If you are looking for theme options, you should be always thinking about the mother. Remember that […]

Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Organizing a baby shower isn’t as difficult as it may sound. However, it might be more difficult to find some activities to make sure that the participants won’t be bored. For this you will need some baby shower activities ideas. Pacifier Games For this game you will need straws and pacifiers. Have the guests separate into groups and […]