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An Answer to the Question-Do Babies Dream?

An Answer to the Question-Do Babies Dream?

We say that there is nothing more peaceful and pleasing than seeing a sleeping baby. But have you ever wonder if these little sleeping angels dream? We are sure you have! Most of us have questions in the mind related to babies dreaming or not. We often wonder why babies smile in their sleep and […]

baby sleep sacks

Baby Sleep Sacks! Good or Bad?

There have been a lot of discussions about baby sleep sacks in the recent years, considering their advantages as well as disadvantages. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets for babies with the help of which the body of the baby stays fully covered even when the baby moves. It is like a sack in which you […]

ways to make your overtired baby have good sleep

Best Ways to Make your Overtired Baby have Good Sleep

Making your over tired baby sleep can be quite a task as they do not sleep when they get tired like us. First of all before making your baby sleep, you should notice the signs whether they are really over tired or not and this can be indicated if they yawn, rub their fingers on […]

tips and methods to wake up your sleepy baby

7 Effective Tips and Methods to Wake Up your Sleepy Baby

In the initial few months after birth, babies tend to sleep a lot and sleep very deeply. It can be very difficult to wake them up in order to feed them or give them a sponge. Rather than trying too hard to get them off from their sleep, it is important to be gentle, soft […]

know about various baby sleep problems

Know about Various Baby Sleep Problems

Babies are the most gentle creatures on the planet and hence it is important to take care of them in the best way possible. Since babies can’t speak to express their problems, parents and others have to be very careful about observing what babies might be feeling or experiencing.  A lot of babies experience difficulty […]

sleep safety for newly born

Sleep Safety for Newly Born

Did you know that wrong sleeping safety habits among newly borns can actually lead to infant deaths? Babies who are used to sleeping on their back but are suddenly made to sleep on their tummy are posed to a greater risk of death and this phenomenon is called unaccustomed tummy sleeping. Unaccustomed tummy sleeping can […]

help your baby sleep

Help Your Baby Sleep with 5 Easy Remedies

Babies like every other activities need to learn to sleep properly too. If as an expected or new parent you think that they are preprogrammed to eat and sleep, then you are gravely mistaken. As parents you need to know even without being told that just like you would be required to assist and teach […]

baby sleep during travelling

Manage your Baby Sleep during Travelling with these Tips

Travelling for long distances during vacations with your baby or toddler throws challenges your way, of adjusting your baby’s sleep timings to her normal sleep pattern. This will not be much of a trouble if you just make a few preparations beforehand. Follow these tips to help you to manage the sleep time of your […]