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ensure a visit to a doctor

Symptoms to Ensure a Visit to a Doctor

Babies fall sick; often get affected by common cold once to several times a year, pertaining to his weak immune system at his developmental stages. However, when it comes to an infant who knows nothing except crying to express his bodily discomfort, even his parents might encounter problem to distinguish his normal fussiness and placid […]

Staircase gate

Important Points to Remember While Baby Proofing your Home

Baby proofing your home needs quite an expertise as you will never know to which corners the kid will have his vision, but you must have missed out to cover or protect that zone. To prevent any mishaps at home; start baby proofing your home interiors as soon as he tries to crawl that would […]

Newborn Diarrhea

Causes and Symptoms of Green Diarrhea and Newborn Diarrhea

Newborn Diarrhea Newborn diarrhea is a common problem which every mom worries about.  These days, new born diarrhea isn’t as unhygienic and serious as it used to be many decades ago and can be dealt with easily, just by knowing the right things to do. Newborn diarrhea and normal poops can be different and knowing […]

Baby Jaundice

Home Remedies for Baby Jaundice

Jaundice is a common and non-threatening disease which is faced by more than half full term born babies. Jaundice occurs on account of poor functioning of the liver wherein bilirubin level of the new born baby is very high. Babies do not have fully developed liver and therefore are unable to flush out the excess bilirubin from the […]

Road Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Children

Road safety is important for everyone and especially for children.  It is always good to be aware of road safety tips and points because one little mistake on the road can cost us our lives or injure us greatly. It is also important to teach children about road safety from the very beginning so that they can be safe whenever […]

Healthy Diet for Kids

Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Kids

Healthy eating and following a healthy diet is very important for any person, be it old, young, male or female. Similarly, eating healthy food items and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also very important for children or kids. Infact, if a kid eats a healthy diet on a regular basis, then he/she will get into the habit of remaining healthy in the […]

Tips for Fire Safety for Kids

Tips for Fire Safety for Kids

It is a known fact that children like to grab everything that they can reach and this is why the parents have to be extra careful especially when it comes to tips for fire safety for kids. It is important to educate children to avoid unnecessary problems and accidents. Lighters and Matches The parents have to teach […]

causes cerebral palsy

What Causes Cerebral Palsy

Although cerebral palsy is a condition which affects the muscles, it is actually caused by damage to the part of the brain – the cerebrum – that controls muscle movements. This damage usually occurs during pregnancy, birth or early life; unlike adult brains which can often recover from damage, the brains of young children are very vulnerable and the damage which occurs during this early period of life […]