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important parenting tips for preschoolers

5 Important Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Early years of a person’s life are critical to develop a good personality, good habits and important life skills. Of course, parenting toddlers and preschoolers can be a roller coaster ride for parents but there are always some ways to do this task successfully. Preschoolers are kids between the age of 3 and 5 years […]

things your child must know before kindergarten

The Most Essential Things your Child must Know Before Kindergarten

Before your child joins a kindergarten, he/she must know a few things in order to adapt to what is taught.  Ofcourse, the child could be admitted to a pre-kindergarten before but even if you choose to admit the child straight into kindergarten, he/she must have basic understanding of certain things and should be able to […]

toys for preschool children

The Best Toys for Preschool Children

Toys for pre-schoolers should help them in developing their language grooming, thinking process, social and emotional skills and also the fine and gross motor skills. In most of the toy shops nowadays you get a completely separate section on pre-schooler toys as stress is given on how they are manufactured and the skills that they […]

pre-schooling kids at home

Why Pre-Schooling Kids at Home is so Important?

Sending your toddler to the big school is a big decision that you need to take. Pre-school parenting at home is important as it is essential that you make your kid school-ready. School readiness is all about being emotionally and socially prepared and also about having proper language, communication and motor skills. Being able to […]

getting your child ready for preschool

Tips for Getting your Child Ready for Preschool

The start of preschool for your child may be a time of mixed as well as conflicting emotions for you and your child. You might feel happy and excited that your child will at last be going to school and will make new friends as he starts on this very important milestone. Coupled with this […]

Examples of Preschool Lesson Plans

Examples of Preschool Lesson Plans

In case you are looking for examples of preschool lesson plans you should know that these usually have different sections, addressing all the aspects of a lesson. If you come up with a lesson you will have to make sure that you address all the aspects to be prepared. The basics of the preschool lesson plan examples First of […]

Ideas for Preschool Activities

Ideas for Preschool Activities

Parents are often looking for ideas for preschool activities. It’s not true that children should only play at home; there are a lot of things that they can learn even if there isn’t a teacher around. Remember that there are many things that you can teach your child on your own. Alphabet art In order to play with the letters of […]

Evaluating Lesson Plans for Preschool Children

Evaluating Lesson Plans for Preschool Children

When looking for lesson plans for preschool children you should consider those programs that are intensive but fun and that offer hands on experience to the children so that they will be able to learn easier and to help them love learning. Always start with the basics. Topics of the preschool children’s lesson plans Don’t forget that […]