Bottle Feeding Vs Breast Feeding

Mothers who have newly born babies have options on how they can feed their baby. Feeding babies their milk is very essential because, as a new born, they are in great need for the proper nutrition that promotes their physical and mental growth. The two options mother have today are namely breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

From the beginning of time, mothers always followed the manner of feeding their babies through breastfeeding. Today, those numbers are slowly declining as the world is starting to move to other means of feeding; bottle feeding.

We must also put into consideration that not all mothers today are able to breastfeed as part of their complications, which have to be dealt with either way.

As a topic at hand, bottle feeding has a growing number of supporters worldwide. Perhaps a great reason for such a decision would be that there are quite a number of mothers who are more aware of its benefits and what it can do to help them.

There are some interesting facts about bottle feeding that mothers should know, and for those who want to try it, here are the reasons why you should as compared to breastfeeding:

1. Bottle feeding can be done anywhere. Mothers who choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding can be assured that they can feed their babies anywhere, even in public areas.

It is as simple as making sure that there are spare bottles of milk, and feeding it to the baby whenever it is needed.

2. Bottle feeding can be done by anyone. Babies do not necessarily need to be fed by their mothers themselves; given the circumstances, babies can be fed by practically anyone. This also saves a lot of time for mothers, especially if they are busy with work and can not be with the baby all the time.

3. Bottle feeding and nutrition. The milk used in bottle feeding usually has a lot of the much needed nutrients babies need today. The fact is that there is a lot of Vitamin D present in bottle feeding as compared to some breastfeeding mothers can actually supply.

4. Controlled eating habits for babies. There are mothers that prefer bottle rather than breastfeeding because it allows for the baby to drink less milk in a day.

A mother can easily monitor the milk intake of a baby and could not worry about over feeding. This is possible because milk fed through the bottle allows for less digestion, thus allowing the baby to drink less.

5.  Could afford to be less conscious of mother’s intake. Mothers who breastfeed need to watch the intake of certain food or medicines because it could have consequences on breast milk and eventual complications on the baby as well.

In essence, a lot of mothers today choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding because of its comfortable aspect in every way.

It not only has its benefits in nutrition, but it also has good points on the convenience it offers mothers given their busy schedules, hectic work, and other stressful errands that have to be done.

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  1. Marisha says:

    I work at Texas Women’s, Infant, and Childrens (WIC) and I see so many women who would like to breastfeed but are told things like the points made in this article. Breastfeeding can be done anywhere. It’s always the right temperature and no need for bottles, cans, or even a diaper bag (stick a diaper in your purse). As for the fact that bottles help control eating habits…I beg to differ. When a breastfed baby can “come off” of the breast and recieves no more milk. A bottle fed baby has to swallow or choke, thus teaching him to gorge himself until full to the maximum capacity. 90% of overfed babies I’ve seen are bottle fed. Breast pumps are widely available and often times given after delivery. This allows Dad, Mom, and Auntie Mary to feed the baby too. Also there are alot of ways that friends and relatives can help out besides feeding the baby…cooking, cleaning, shopping, babysitting older kids, etc etc! Limiting food is really not an issue when it comes to breastfeeding. All that is needed is a good balanced diet exact5ly like your prenatal diet. If you drank a case of sodas maybe you’d see a disturbance in your child but no one should drink that much soda anyhow. women have breastfed for centuries how can all of the sudden breastfeeding be so taboo? Granted, in some situations bottle feeding is the only option, but it shouldn’t be reguarded as equally nutritional and healthy for a baby as breastmilk is. How can machine made nutrients be better than human made sustanence? Bottom line is that you want to do good by your newborn and breastfeeding is the best way to do that. It’s totally organic and green so I can’t figure out why it isn’t all over the media!!!!

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