It’s World Breastfeeding Week

For the past 19 years, the first week of August is celebrated as World Breast Feeding Week under a worldwide UNICEF initiative that seeks to acquaint women with the benefits and ways of breastfeeding their newborn babies.

breastfeedingSuper model Gisele Bundchen is in favor of breastfeeding that she thinks there should be a law requiring women to breastfeed.

More and more women are choosing to breastfeed and find that it is a beneficial thing for mother and child and one that the both can learn from one another.

As new mother Jill Hall, who has fed her 6 week old son nothing except breast milk says, it is natural and the mother and baby can learn from one another, making it work by a bit of trial and error.

Josie Tullo, a lactating consultant, has found in her 20 years of experience that babies are themselves great guides to nursing and women can trust their own babies to guide them here. It is the baby’s natural instinct to suckle and when placed in the correct position, the baby will latch on quite naturally.

Breast milk is all that a baby requires for the first six months of life according to WHO recommendations, and ideally it should be continued till the age of two years.

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  1. A mom and a baby are the most important persons in any delivery settings. A baby should be thoroughly cared as well as a mom. I really salute those mom who breastfed their baby after the delivery and does not rely on formula milk because they know how important a mother’s milk for a newborn. Did you know that breastfeeding have a positive effect on the child’s IQ?

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