Survey Says 9 Out Of 10 Dads Present At Birth

dads present at birthA recent study of 5,300 recent mothers by Oxford University found that 9 out of 10 dads are present at birth of their new born.

The survey found that not only do a great majority of dads choose to be present at the time of birth, many of them also try and get more information about pregnancy and birth. Also 61% of expectant dads accompanied their partners for antenatal checkups. As per the study:

  • 89% of the women surveyed said that their partners remained present at the birth
  • 88% said that they were there for at least one of the ultrasounds
  • 65% of the new dads got into the act by changing nappies for the new born, bathing and playing with baby
  • As many as 70% of the men were able to take paternity leave (for about 4 weeks)

According to Dr Maggie Redshaw, lead researcher, many dads are “bowled over” to see their babies by way of ultrasound for the first time, and this has a positive impact.

The problem areas, however, according to the survey was the fact that there aren’t enough midwives available for the proper care and guidance of pregnant women.

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