Parents Can Contribute A Lot To Children’s Success

A Washington Post article speaks, among other things, about how the parents or the primary caregiver of a child are of pivotal importance in a child’s education and success as a student.

parent helping child in educationA parent or primary caregiver is a child’s first teacher, their best coach and most concerned advocate, starting early according to the post.

Parents can give their child a head start in education by:

  • Reading to and talking with their very young children from the beginning. This will help to develop speaking skills and vocabulary now and later will improve reading and writing proficiency.
  • Guide the child early on so that by the end of Grade 3 he or she is able to read proficiently.
  • Teach the child early on, to choose reading as entertainment or free time activity to choose over other less desirable activities.
  • If help is required, mobilize it with the help of teachers, education specialists and even medical professionals if required.
  • If required parents should develop and hone their own literacy skills and language abilities so that they can help their children succeed in school.
  • After school and summer activities should be in place to ensure that the child is in the learning loop at all times.

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