New Trends Among Newborns

Parents of newborn baby boys are always posed the question – to circumcise or not to circumcise. Circumcision, which is the removal of the penile foreskin in male infants, is still a subject that draws debate from the medical community, and now the Center of Disease Control (CDC) has released data that shows rates of circumcision are going down among baby boys.

breastfeedingThe percentage of newborns being circumcised in 2006 was about 56% and in 2009, this rate has gone down to 33%.

As of now there is no conclusive evidence that circumcision is able to prevent sexually transmitted disease, cancer or urinary tract infections.

Another report from the CDC shows that breast feeding rates are going up.

Three out of four new mothers are choosing to breast feed their newborns. However, this rate drops drastically in six months, so that only half of those women are still breast feeding when the baby reaches the 6 month mark in life.

So even though rates of newborn breast feeding are up, the rate of women who are still breastfeeding their babies at the ages between 6 months and one year of age, remain below the national target. So as of now more effort is needed to give new mothers support at workplaces, in hospitals and in their communities.

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  1. JoseBueno says:

    The estimated 33% US circumcision rate comes from data collected by a company that handles insurance e-claims from only 21% of US hospitals. The CDC won’t even vouch for the accuracy (hence it is an estimate). Obtaining the data using this method is completely different than for previous circumcision rate studies, primarily because this was not a study to determine the circumcision rate, but rather for adverse effect rates.

    It is very likely that the rate will be much higher if insurance e-claims from all US hospitals are counted. Then count circumcisions performed in private Drs offices & clinics, parents paying cash (no insurance) and bris performed by rabbi/mohels. After all that, the circumcision rate will be much more accurate.

  2. Restoring Tally says:

    I sure wish the falling circumcision rate trend happened years ago. I still might have my whole body instead of being circumcised shortly after birth. Thanks to the Internet, many young men (including this older guy) are learning what they lost by being circumcised. We are not happy about it. Many of us are restoring our foreskin to undo the damage of our circumcisions.

    It is my body, it should have been my choice.

  3. Nancy says:

    Circumcision is cruel and barbaric!

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